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Legacy - to - Modern Application Integration:


Old software or databases are usually hard to get information from. In such cases using a system that can integrate the old with the new. Avoids the necessity to completely rebuild from scratch.

For example, a manufacturing company might have a custom-built ERP system. This system manages their production planning, inventory, and supply chain processes. This system may have been developed decades ago, and lacks modern integration capabilities.

A custom integration solution can connect this old ERP system to a new cloud based system, such as Salesforce. This new integration will streamline their sales and management processes.


This allows the company to leverage the benefits of modern SaaS solutions without having to replace their entire legacy system, which can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Workflows with Eezze


Workflows usually involve many different kinds of systems. These systems relate to one another, such that updates to related data can affect one or more systems.

For example, a company may want to receive customer feedback via a web form. That form information is then used to update the customer database.

That new customer information requires the Marketing campaigns to update within Salesforce CRM. Because of the the marketing changes, cost for the CRM service has changed. This cost change requires a financial database update.


Eezze simplifies data integration and updates, streamlining workflows and reducing manual effort.

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